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Article: The Tyranny of Pride...

The Tyranny of Pride... - Noblesse Oblige Apparel

The Tyranny of Pride...

It's Pride Month in America again. Just like the blooming of the flowers marks the beginning of spring every year, you can tell the season is upon us as rainbows and LGBT slogans suddenly get sprayed on everything and everyone. Unfortunately for all of us, the cheery parade colors tend to be far more nauseating than their natural counterparts. 

I've been clanging the warning bells on this for nearly a decade now, but even the more moderate of us will now admit, behind closed doors mind you, that something doesn't feel quite right about the whole thing. The smiles all seem a little too forced and the participation a little too mandatory. Amidst the pomp and celebration, the darker side of Pride pokes its ugly head through the cracks as it turns it gaze from gay bars and pride parades to main stream media and children. Drag queens proudly expose their fetishes in book readings. Teachers and curriculums swirl LGBT cult ideology around children who haven't hit puberty yet. Businesses show their allegiance by taking turns seeing who can mindlessly yell the woke catch phrases the loudest.

Pride has gotten brazen and it's impossible not to notice now. Anyone who raises a concern over this phenomena is met with both the sharpened pitch forks of the woke mob and the focused, disciplined machine of the media elite. "How dare you, bigot?" Once the social excommunication is complete and the cancellation commences, the situation much more clearly bears itself for what it actually is.

America is under a hostile foreign occupation. 

It makes sense once it is put into perspective. The pride flags which dot the landscape mark their conquered territory. Their zealots live by the adage, "History is taught by the victors," and feel a moral imperative to groom, *ahem* I mean, indoctrinate your children. All of the largest American corporations have had their boards and middle management invaded and taken over by LGBT pushing DEI agents.

Even the churches are compromised. It's hard to find a church that isn't adorned in Pride iconography. More than a few have put drag queens into the pulpit as a show of submission. You can almost feel the unclean spirits skirting around the entrances and snickering, "We drove the Spirit out and this place belongs to us now." 

Most of these developments have caught Christians and the center-right by surprise. The 2010s brought with it a cultural onslaught that few had the foresight to see coming and even less with the courage to stand against it. LEST WE FORGET, Barack Obama was pro-traditional marriage during his first term. For all of the suddenness though, what we are seeing is only the release of an ideological mouse trap that has been winding up for nearly 70 years now. By who? Well, that is a long subject for a very long future post, but the short answer is this: The LGBT cult is the product of the Queer Studies movements in academia who were themselves offshoots of the neo-Marxist academics and revolutionaries who committed to the "Long March Through The Institutions." They took over the academy and you paid them to indoctrinate your children. This new vanguard, armed with shiny diplomas, filled the teaching seats in your primary schools, the leadership positions of your businesses, entrenched themselves in your bureaucracies, and corrupted your pulpit. And all the while, we were sitting around bitching about the price of gas and the economy like they were even on the top 10 list of things which mattered.

I despise the effect that the LGBT community has had on American culture and, more pointedly, on some of my friends. It sews confusion, heartache, and emptiness wherever it goes. However, I think there are plenty of lessons to draw from its sudden takeover. One that stands out in my mind is that Christians ceded the culture because they didn't want to appear confrontational or judgmental. The American Church, much to its discredit, feminized in the 80s and never really recovered. Masculine sins like lust and anger were emphasized over more feminine sins like gossip and passive aggressiveness. Young boys were forced to detach from their masculine energy and to be quiet and still in the pews like their more agreeable sisters. Pastors preached the importance of feminine virtues like kindness and openness while downplaying the importance of masculine virtues like courage and conviction, not realizing that when the scale of virtue tips to either side too much, it loses efficacy. All the while, bad actors stole the culture while Christians felt a strange compulsion to try to convince everyone how progressive they were... so that people would still attend church or something. Idiots.

I don't know about you, but when I read the Bible, I see MIGHTY men. The heroes of the Bible were all men and women of great courage and action. There needs to be a resurgence of that masculinity of Christianity. I make that call. Where are the mighty men? Where are the spiritual warriors who are on fire with a righteous fury for their God? You're afraid of being cancelled, are you? Afraid of being shunned? Your forbears died for their faith in the Coliseum and on the pyre. Does the thought of people being mean to you on Twitter make your legs buckle so hard that you would bow to lies that would castrate your children? Where is your courage? 

It all makes me wonder. If Jesus were to walk in the flesh in our midst in the present day, how long would it take for Him to flip a table covered in Pride stickers and, with whip in hand, drive a drag queen out of a church? Even worse, what does He say to us who allowed it to happen?  Might He say, "I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. Because you are lukewarm, I will vomit you out of My mouth." The very thought makes me quake.

I, for one, will not add to this list of those who just sat around and let it happen. We at Noblesse Oblige will love anyone and everyone without reservation, but we humbly and fervently reject and stand against the disfunction of the LGBTQ+-$~% cult. We will not cede the legal landscape to people who equate culture rotting homosexual relationships with life producing marriages. We will not cede the moral authority to people who believe they have an imperative to indoctrinate other people's children into their own sexual fantasy worldview. We will not cede the intellectual high ground to people who either can not or will not define the word "women."

We say "no more." It stops here. We're pushing back.

Down with the Tyranny of Pride.

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